Real Fake.
Servicios: Fotografía
Cliente: Rapiditas
Proyecto: Fotografía corporativa
Sector: Arte cerámico
Año: 2021
Rapiditas is a reinterpretation of the pop object and the imperialist brand, later transformed into an everyday object in a crude and high-quality manner.

“In the great ancient civilisations, all forms of profit were immortalised through multiple aesthetic forms. Likewise, ours is the time when the chosen task of ennobling all its conquests with the baptism of beauty falls to this lofty goal. Rapiditas will constantly search for an aesthetic charm in the creations of the small modern pleasures. Thus, from the graphic reproductions of the facts, the clay object will be elevated in this process to the dignity of an artistic work that deserves to be contemplated. Also, the naked and rigorous chronicle of the facts will appear in the form of an everyday object, adorned with aesthetic elements that glorify the high goal they aim to recover through sports, fashion and industry”.

Un día quedamos y les hicimos fotos. Fue muy divertido, como todo lo que hacen.